Data will determine the future success or failure of an organization!

Zermelo Universal Backup and Restore Solution (ZUBRS) is developed by Zermelo® Technologies inline with the organization's motto of "Automation Everywhere" and provides end to end, fully automated Online Backup and Restoration of data / computers used for your business or personal purpose. ZUBRS provides you a way to backup all the files in your office / personal computers to a cloud space and restore them back in case of an unexpected event like hard disk crash or accidental deletion of files in the computer or file corruption or ransomware.

ZUBRS Features

Automated and Continuous Backup

Incremental and Fast Backup

Unthrottled Backup

Choice of Storage

Security and Encryption

Web-based Admin Console

Quick and Easy Restore

And more...

Why choose ZUBRS?

Awesome Support

Extremely Secure

Amazingly Simple and Easy

Highly Configurable

Robust Infrastructure

Endlessly Affordable

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