Our Services

Our team will always take action to add value to your business

Consulting Approach ZCA

Our technology consulting experts will help you in optimizing your business operations leveraging their expertise, the possibilities and opportunities of new technologies and their impact faster, better and in a more innovative way.


Our development team will not only architect, design, develop and deliver the best quality software applications but also wow you with the performance of the applications and the timeliness they are being delivered.

Support Services

Our Maintenance & support team will maintain your systems with fully automated monitoring and proven processes / methodologies to ensure that the applications are always available and help you responding to your clients quickly and effectively.

Consulting Approach ZCA

Our Approach

Our team's goal will be to enable you to focus on business process design and help you strategize and implement policies for continuous improvement and automation.

Our structured and proven approach to IT consulting (ZCA) consists of -


We give utmost importance to understand your business first, which enables us to tailor the right solution for you.


We conduct workshops with subject matter experts to analyze the current state of IT.


We identify and prioritize areas of improvement based on business specific needs and technology gaps in the current state.


We help you optimize your business processes by recommending cost-effective IT solutions that meets your business needs.


We support you to keep your IT systems up-to-date with technological change and enhance the role of technology in your business.

Development Offering

Development Services

With the objective of "Automation Everywhere”, we offer a variety of development services that cater to your project requirements -

Backend Development Services

Business Logic Layer - Java, .Net, NodeJS, PHP, Python.

Application Layer - Document Management, Content Management, Business Process Management, e-Commerce, Enterprise Search.

Integeration Layer - REST APIs, ETL.

Data Layer - MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL,PostgreSQL.

Frontend Development Services

UI / UX - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, ReactJS, AngularJS.

Usability - Conceptualization, Mockup, Prototype.

Mobile App Development Services

Platform Dependent - Android Apps, iOS Apps, Windows Apps.

Cross Platform - Xamarin, Ext JS(Sencha), Apache Cordova.

Cloud Application Development Services (Kamatera, AWS, Google)

Build - Build microservices-powered cloud application, and leverage all the benefits of cloud computing.

Integrate - Integrate applications to first-tier cloud services and benefit from reliability and robustness they provide.

Migrate - Migrate existing applications to the cloud to make use of scalability, resources and infrastructure flexibility.

Support Process

Support Services

The acitivities in our support services processes include, but not limited to, the following –

Proactive monitoring and identifying issues and probable incidents, so that they can be resolved before they impact the users.

Preventing incidents / problems from re-occurring.

Gathering historical and real-time data on service performance.

Tracking and reporting metrics on an ongoing basis.

Providing performance data on how the SLAs are being met by us and coming up with approaches to improve the service levels.

Periodic reviews with the stakeholders in the form of status review meetings.

Service Delivery Assurance

SLA based services

ITIL based service delivery processes

Metrics and reporting

Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

Continual Service Improvement CSI

Continual Service Improvement

Our Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Process focuses on continuously realigning our services to the changing business needs. In our CSI process, we look for ways to improve process efficiency and cost effectiveness via the below steps -


Collect and analyze operational data

Identify issues / gaps

Categorize issues / gaps


Identify solution to the issues / gaps discovered

Analyze long term and short term cost and other benefits

Ideate and recommend the solution to the stake holders


Create Service Imporevement Plan

Obtain sign-off from the stake holders

Schedule Service Improvement Plan Implementation


Execute transformation

Measure progress

Validate the metrics

Our Expertise

Our expertise is a blend of knowledge and passion established by simple but effective Mantra

Expertise mantra

Our core team has experience in Product and Technology Platforms for 20+ years and have expertise in the model for offshore based Software Development and Product Engineering in the below mentioned areas -

Digital Interactive
Enterprise Search
Enterprise Architecture
Solution Architecture
Application Architecture
Enterprise Content Management
Document Management
Web Content Management (CMS)
Business Process Management
Web Application Development
Web Design
Mobile App Development
Mobile App UX and UI Design
Cross-Platform Experiences Design
Open Source Adoption
Cloud Adoption and Management – Kamatera, AWS, Google
Build Tools – Gradle, Maven, PyBuilder, MSTS, NUBuild
CI/CD and Deployment – Jenkins, Hudson, Azure API Management
Test Automation – Katalon, Selenium
Performance and Load Testing – Apache JMeter, Load Runner

Our Products

Our products are stable, intuitive and user friendly

About Us

Our products and services represent our Values

Zermelo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was formed in March 2018 to provide IT Product & Services. Zermelo Technologies offers a range of services that are based on practical experience of defining and delivering Information Technology solutions that deliver real business value, solve problems, join organisations together and enable digital transformation and business change.

At Zermelo Technologies, we believe in providing Services, Products and Solutions with the motto of "Automation Everywhere"​, thus enabling our clients in Cloud adoption, Digital Transformation and more, with the best in class quality at affordable price using cutting edge Technologies and hence, boost productivity, generate new revenue stream and enhance business value.

Zermelo Technologies is led by accomplished individuals with the right balance of entrepreneurship and with experience in heading successful business units in top Multi-national Companies. The leadership team is focused on Product Development, providing Services and Solutions via unique Business Models and building long lasting relationships with Clients, Employees and Investors.

We happen to architect, design, develop and deliver the best quality software clients seek.

Our Values

We believe that if there's one thing that defines the most successful companies, irrespective of the size or nature of the work they do, it's their Values. Our Values have shaped our culture, our work ethics, and our choices - helping us grow every day.

Zermelo Values
Client Value

We deliver measurable impact by leveraging the best skills and consistently exceed client's expectations.


We own every action taken by us and the results produced due to that action.

Integrity & Authenticity

We act with integrity always and are ethical and sincere in everything we do.

Openness & Honesty

We are truthful to our clients, investors and employees and thereby earn trust and respect.


We build sustainable capabilities through focused innovation.

Our Clients

We thank our clients who gave us the opportunity to serve them and we are happy that we could keep up to their expectations

What our clients say


You rise as we grow together

At Zermelo Technologies, we believe that the innovative, enthusiastic and creative team we have, is the result of great culture and expertise we have at our workplace. We value the experience that each person brings in, and encourage the spirit of Team for our success. We also believe in following stringent process for all the deliverables to ensure that our clients get the best quality Products, Services and Solutions adhering to the committed timelines.

We happen to have a positive and convenient work environment which helps in bringing out the best in any passionate and creative person, irrespective of his/her role in the company.

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